Petrol Price in South Africa

Fuel prices fluctuate on a regular basis in South Africa. aims to keep you informed with regards to the current petrol and diesel prices in South Africa. Our site will also look at all the different factors that influence the fuel prices in South Africa and highlight the factors for each increase or decrease. Fuel prices are regulated in South Africa by the Petroleum Products Act. 120 of 1977.

Current Petrol Price

Area Type Octane Price
Inland Unleaded 95 R 10,31 (1031)
Inland Unleaded 93 R 10,09 (1009)
Inland LRP 93 R 10,09 (1009)
Coast Unleaded 95 R 9,90 (990)
Coast Unleaded 93 R 9,85 (985)
Coast LRP 95 R 9,90 (990)

Current Diesel Price

Area Sulphur Content Price
Inland 50ppm R 9,26 (926)
Inland 10ppm R 9,31 (931)
Coast 50ppm R 8,96 (896)
Coast 10ppm R 9,00 (900)

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